The taste of sweet nostalgia – Mom’s Pasta Salad all grown up

I think everyone has that one thing, that song, smell or place that brings you back to your childhood. For me, that something is a meal. Specifically my Mom's pasta salad. My friends from childhood can attest that this stuff is legit delicious. For me it's about more than the taste though. It also brings back … Continue reading The taste of sweet nostalgia – Mom’s Pasta Salad all grown up

What is Paleo?

I was chatting with a friend the other day who was expressing their enjoyment following my instagram (@brookelibbypaleo) feed. Thanks! They explained they are loving all of the healthy meals I was sharing, but my friend was confused by one thing. He asked me "what the heck is Paleo?" It occurred to me that perhaps this should have … Continue reading What is Paleo?

Are your armpits toxic?

This week's warmer weather got me thinking about deodorant. Every day, many people are unknowingly putting toxic chemicals on their skin as they get ready each morning. These chemicals are absorbed into our bloodstream where they can cause a whole host of problems. These chemicals are in our shampoos, soaps, makeup, sunscreens and even in our deodorants. … Continue reading Are your armpits toxic?