Easter Treats Recipe Round-Up!

With Easter right around the corner, kids and adults alike are going to be bombarded with sweets and treats like chocolate bunnies, jelly beans and let’s not forget about the PEEPs! Why not opt for a homemade treat made with clean ingredients that is sure to taste just as yummy! Here are a few of my favorite ideas!

  1. Dyed hard boiled eggs (bonus points if you make your own food coloring with fruits and veggies)

  2. Take it one step further and make Deviled Eggs with this recipe from Melanie Makeshard boiled colored eggs

  3. Chocolate Covered Strawberries from Joyful Healthy Eatschoc strawberries

  4. Spring Rolls Easter Platter from Super Healthy Kidsspring roll easter platter

  5. Raw Carrot Cake Bites from Ferns & Peoniescarrot cake bites

  6. Easter Breakfast Pops from Eats Amazingegg popsicles

  7. Almond Easter Nests from The Little Green Spoonnests

  8. Sweet Potato Bunnies! From With Style and Gracesweet potato bunnies

  9. Homemade Peeps by Forest and Faunapeeps.png

  10. Paleo Crème Eggs from Thrive Market paleo_cadbury_eggs_hero-2000x1086

Happy Easter!!



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