A natural anti-wrinkle treatment?


Recently I have been doing research on natural/safe ways to prevent wrinkles from cropping up on my face. I am in my thirties and have taken pretty good care of my skin (with the exception of an indoor tanning phase back in my teen years), but no matter how consistently I apply my moisturizer, those little wrinkles are finding their way to my face (see photo proof below). Perhaps motherhood has something to do with it…


I am hesitant to use the popular anti-aging products out there due to the toxic chemicals used in their production.

Many cosmetic companies only test their products to avoid acute reactions, such as a rash or irritated eyes. Very few companies, however, are paying attention to our long-term health. Right now in the U.S., it is completely legal for companies to use toxic chemicals in the products that we put on our bodies every day – even if the ingredients are linked to cancer or other health problems. 

The chemicals present in any one product are unlikely to cause serious harm. But none of us use just one product. Think about how many products you use in a single day, in a year, and over a lifetime. Chemicals can accumulate in our bodies and prove harmful over time.

In the U.S., 30 ingredients are restricted or banned from cosmetics. The European Union (EU) bans close to 1,400 ingredients from cosmetics!

In my search for a more natural approach to skin care, I came across an article from Organicauthority.com which described several super foods that can reverse and prevent signs of aging.

The number one food on the list was cold water fish, including salmon and sardines! What makes these little fishies so special?

Sardines and salmon are low food chain fish so there are less concerns about toxic build up of things like mercury that you would find in larger fish like tuna. These cold water fish are also a great source of vitamin B-12, omega-3, taurine, selenium, calcium, vitamin D, protein and many more nutrients; which have shown benefits ranging from cardiovascular to mental health as well as providing protection against many other health conditions! People pay big bucks for supplements containing these nutrients that you can get easily from eating these cold water fish. As a bonus, because sardines are not super popular, you can usually get them pretty cheap. Just look for wild caught varieties packaged in either olive oil or water.

Sardines and salmon also contain compounds that promote healthy skin, prevent wrinkles and keep the skin moisturized!

Sadly for me, these are two foods I have never been too interested in eating. I am not a huge seafood fan; although I wish I was! If only there was a way… Maybe there is!

My little guy used to eat anything we put in front of him, more recently however; he has started voicing his opinion… mainly by throwing unwanted morsels on the floor. I don’t mind the daily sweeping and vacuuming that comes along with his little protests (ok, maybe I do a little) but what really got to me was that he was not getting the wide range of nutrients I would have liked him to. I finally realized there was a way I could get him to eat his least favorite foods without fail; by hiding them in with his favorite foods!

I started to wonder, could this method work for me too? Could I hide foods on myself? Could I trick myself into eating these superfoods and reaping all the benefits?

I started this experiment in my pantry, where my husband keeps the sardines handy. My first thought was to prepare them like I would a can of tuna. I added two sardines to a bowl with a couple of tablespoons of high quality mayo (made with olive oil NOT canola oil – more on that in a future post). I seasoned it with salt and pepper, and took a taste. YUCK – it does not taste like tuna. So then I added half of a mashed avocado and some chopped red onion and sampled it again. It was better, but still not great. Next I added some turkey we had left over from dinner the night before, and also some chopped cucumber. The sardine taste was getting pretty mellow by now. I spooned this sardine/turkey salad onto some sweet potato “toasts” I had cooked up in my cast iron skillet and took a bite. The taste was actually pretty good! The sweetness of the sweet potato paired nicely with the smokiness and saltiness of the sardine; it was still missing a little something though. I began rummaging through my refrigerator searching for the one thing that would transform this concoction from something tolerable into something really tasty… BACON! 


In the end I guess the answers to my question is: Yes, it is possible to hide foods on yourself, but it might be more work than it is worth. 

For now I will stick to a more modern approach to safer skin care. I have been using products from a company called Beautycounter. They have a long list of ingredients (found in conventional personal care products) that they never use because they are toxic to our systems. I have pretty sensitive skin and this stuff works amazing for me with no irritation. Hands down, my two favorite products are the Charcoal bar and the Charcoal mask.

I use the Charcoal bar twice a day, in the morning and at night. This soap has a way of just getting down deep into your pores and getting all of the gunk out! My skin feels so smooth and is glowy after. The charcoal mask I use once a week or so. It has a gentle exfoliant which leaves my skin feeling firm and tight, but not dried out. I used to have pretty bad psoriasis on my eyelids, but since switching out my makeup and skin care products to this brand, the psoriasis on my face has completely gone away! Amazing! Check these products out here: Beautycounter – Safer Skincare




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